Navy Ship Taking Evasive Action

Very cool. It’s amazing to see such a giant ship move so quickly.

Here’s a video of a similar ship but with a different view.

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Bullet Proof Glass


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The Breakdown with Richard Ryan

I haven’t seen this YouTube channel before today but it looks pretty interesting. Basically, the guy takes a look at scenes from movies and video games and shows them in real life.

Here are a few below but check out his page for more.

HALO Jump: The Breakdown - Act of Valor

UAV’s: The Breakdown with RQ-11 Raven and Puma AE

Thermal Weapons - The Breakdown: Ghost Recon Future Soldier

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The Daily goes inside Special Ops

The Daily has a four-part series that goes inside the U.S. Special Operations Community. Very cool stuff.

Just one video out of the series is this one on the A-10 Warthog. This is one mean aircraft.

Each part has a great piece of writing as well a video with tons of high-def footage.

Part One: The Sky’s No Limit [Air Force Pararescue Jumpers]

Part Two: Air Force’s Ugly Duckling [A-10 Warthog]

Part Three: Blades of Glory [HH-60 Pave Hawk]

Part Four: Behind the Scenes [Simulated Rescue Mission]

CIA Training - Vehicular Surveillance

You should check out this post on Jalopnik if you are looking to tail someone in your car. Sure it’s a little dated but aren’t all those three lettered agencies ahead of their time? If that’s the case, then this is right on schedule for public consumption! 

Below is just a snippet so be sure to read the full article for more info and two training videos:

The key seems to be, of course, don’t let the mark see you. According to the CIA way, the best way to accomplish that is to work in a team, in this case of three cars. There’s lots of map-reading involved, extrapolating most likely exit routes of your target, and constant radio communication between the pursuing cars.

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"Alternative Warfare"

Just a few cool videos I found on YouTube. Enjoy!

Cardboard Warfare

Light Warfare

Flower Warfare

Honorable Mention - Cardboard Tank

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Obstacle Course Videos

Here are just a few of my favorite obstacle course videos. Hope you enjoy them too!

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