Footage of nuclear tests. Be sure to watch in HD.

Ok this is gonna get a bit weird but it cracked me up. These soldiers did a shot for shot remake of the Miami Dolphins Cheerleaders video.  Well done fellas. Oh, my favorite part is probably at 1:57. - Mike  — Oh and here are the two videos side by side (may take a little bit to sync up but once it does, it’s pretty amazing).

[via Reddit]

The First Warthog Group, BADGER 2RTR

Free climbing a 1768 radio transmission tower.

Low flying jets at the “Mach Loop”

U.S. Marine Corps EOD at Fleet Week

The Tundra Endeavour - I would love to see a “behind the scenes” on this, from a technical standpoint.

"Enhance." I love this because in this day and age, it’s almost believable. - Mike

The Bicymple - I’m not gonna lie, the way this thing moves is kinda messing with my head. - Mike

ITS is a company full of techy individuals so anything new tech related, we’re all over it. So naturally, when I saw this news the other day, I knew I had to share: Revision3 launches TECH FEED on YouTube.

Working with new and existing Revision3 show creators, TECH FEED aims to build a robust, tech-focused channel comprised of various shows, short and long format, featuring multiple episodes per day about the latest tech, gadgets and gear, news and commentary, car tech, cyber-crime and security, survival tech, and more.

- Mike

How to cross a road being a soldier.

F-22 Raptor Takeoff

Amazing mind reader reveals his ‘gift.’

Glock 22 fired underwater.

Putting out fires.