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If you are at interested in aviation you should read this article by Paul Memrick:

High Fliers - My Time as a U-2 Pilot

He has some great stories to tell about his time driving the U-2 all over the world.

There are some great videos on YouTube but honestly, I love this one below. It has a “fly on a wall” feeling. They aren’t trying to sell you on it or even teach you about the U-2, they just give you a front seat view from the chase car.

If you want some awesome shots…

This is a beautiful plane with some extraordinary capabilities. It’s so useful that even though most were built in the early 50’s and 60’s, we’re still using them today.

In fact, due to operating costs, the Air Force may be ditching the Global Hawk in favor of the U-2.

- Mike

Vintage Spy Plane Gives High-Tech Drone A Run For Its Money

Due to operating costs, it looks as if the Air Force may be ditching these:

for these:

Head over to NPR All Tech Considered for the full post. I highly recommend listening to the story they have, it’s only five and a half minutes.

- Mike