Carbon Fiber Biometric Wallet

Ok, so this wallet is made out of carbon fiber and needs your finger print to access it. Sounds cool, but the price tag is far from it. $825. Whoa! This makes me wonder if anyone out there feels like hacking one of those scanners on a Thinkpad into some sort of kydex wallet… Let me know if you do.

Anyway, it’s one of the cooler wallets I’ve seen in a while.


  • Carbon fiber body - virtually indestructible
  • Biometric reader - your fingerprint gains access
  • Bluetooth sync - sounds an alarm if your phone & wallet are more than 15 ft apart

What do you think, yay or nay?

Oh and for that price, it had better be RFID blocking! And if you’re looking for some RFID blocking tech, check out our post: ‘Carry a Cloaking Device for your Cell Phone anywhere you go' or for a more DIY friendly option check out: 'DIY Ultralight ‘Faraday Cage’ Pouch

- Buy: Dunhill

- As seen in The Daily

- Mike