Explosions Reported at Boston Marathon

There are numerous reports of explosions at the finish line of the Boston Marathon. We aren’t speculating on what is going on but our thoughts and prayers go out to those in Boston.

If you are in the area, keep an eye on each other and stay safe. Here’s what you can do to help:

  • Looking for a runner? Use this form.
  • If you’re trying to call someone in Boston, phone lines are jammed. SMS, Twitter, and Facebook might work better. [Lifehacker]
  • Live news updates on The Verge
  • Reconnect with loved ones in Boston on Red Cross Safe and Well
  • Donate blood at the Boston American Red Cross
  • NOTE: Red Cross is reporting that there is enough blood currently on hand.  It may still be unsafe to be in public. Stay home if possible.
  • If you have extra blankets and live near the Boston Common, there are a LOT of cold runners being corralled there [@ajsfour]
  • Live radio stream: 90.9 WBUR NPR
  • If you’re a business in Boston, now would be a good time to unlock your Wi-Fi to help people connect with concerned family and friends. [@strngwys]
  • If any runners are displaced and needs a place to stay in Boston tonight, I have connections with space, email me. [@petershankman]
  • If any family members of victims need help w/ airfare or more, email me directly and @hope will cover it. shaun@hopemob.org & 678.641.5016 [@ShaunKing]
  • HOTLINES: For families of victims: 617-635-4500 For tips: 1-800-494-TIPS
  • Google Person Finder: Boston Marathon Explosions
  • How to Get in Touch With Loved Ones During a Disaster [WIRED] (Update your voicemail message)
  • Somerville residents have spare beds for runners, contact via Twitter [Somerville Journal] (also check this Google form)

Note: This information is also available on our main site in case Tumblr goes down.


Photo credit Dan Lampariello

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