Warning: GEAR POST

This is a long delayed gear post that has been requested by a few of you. So here it is. As of January, this is my current chest rig for SAR. the following is a detailed list of everything involved, if I miss something let me know and I will correct.

Photo 1 & 2:

This is everything I carry on me except the stuff in my pockets. On the top left is a Petzl Ecrin Roc Helmet with a SureFire Minimus.

In the middle is my chest rig. The base of it is a First Spear Modular Chest Rig. Attached to it is a MSM Stealth Utility/Admin Pouch and a Emdom-MM GPS Pouch. On the Right of the Chest rig is a DPx HEST Original and a Wouxun KG-UV6D kept by a Mojo Retractor (see photo 5). On the right shoulder strap is a Grimloc holding on a Go-tube and PIG FDT-Alpha gloves (see photo 7). Behind the admin pouch is some glow in the dark trauma shears (see photo 4).

Pack: Arc’teryx Axios 35

Photo 3 & 4:

Here you can see the front opened up on the admin pouch and the GPS pouch. On the admin pouch’s map pocket I usually keep maps and team info ready to go for quick access. The GPS shown here is a Garmin Foretrex 401, but usually an eTrex Venture is in that pouch.  Inside the front pouch is a few pairs of nitrile gloves and a bunch of bandaids for quick access. Behind the map on the Admin flap is a mechanical pencil, marker, and chem light. Behind them sits a Silva Ranger compass.

Photo 6:

In this photo is the contents of the main pouch in the Admin Pouch. On the left is a whistle and a ferrocerium rod tied together for quick and easy access. Next to them is a roll of gorilla tape (~12 ft, 3.6m). A write in the rain note pad with some info in it and for taking notes as scribe/mission briefing. And a Surefire L1Digital (discontinued).

I made a video explaining the gear a little more and you can view it here. Most of this gear has been tested and put through some hard stuff. I really enjoy all of it, and its taken me a while to get it to where it is now. Some of this stuff might work great for me but for you might not, so this is not a buying guide, more so just to show you what I use and how I set it up. If you have any questions feel free to shoot me a message and I will gladly give my input. 

For more stuff like this click here & here

Enjoy and stay safe. 


Cool overview of HUFF’s SAR chest rig.

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