Committee for tactical emergency casualty care (C-TECC)

Finally an organized resource for Law Enforcement tactical medical care. What is great is they have actual guidelines which is a huge start to getting TCCC training geared toward law enforcement. 

Make sure to read the Overview page to get an idea of where TECC is going.

Committee for Tactical Emergency Casualty Care

Federal and civilian tactical and emergency medical response teams now stand at the same crossroads the military special operations medical community stood at in the early 1990s. Implementing TCCC guidelines as written into civilian protocols has the same fundamental flaws as utilizing civilian ATLS principles for battlefield treatment of combat wounded. This practice is essentially basing medical care on a doctrine designed to address the specific environment and restrictions of the military battlefield, not the civilian setting. TCCC is written for the combat medic operating in a combat theater, not for the civilian tactical medic operating in a crack house in downtown Washington, DC. There is no doubt that the weapons and wounds are similar between the two settings, and there is no doubt that federal and civilian tactical teams are indeed in combat. But, just as ATLS did not address many of the unique factors specific to the military combat environment, TCCC does not address the differences in the military setting, the federal or civilian provider, and the non-military environment.


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